Book an Appointment

Appointments at Hugo and Elliot are fun and inciteful and will hopefully lead to your ultimate goal of saying “Yes” to your dream dress. There are some useful things to know about appointments that can make the experience even more enjoyable:


  • Firstly, think about who you want to be with you at your appointment. It’s an important decision and you want to have the right people with you. It’s also good to not have too many people in your bridal party. Too many opinions can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Though possible, we don’t recommend you bring more than four guests with you.
  • It’s a good idea to wear nude underwear. The majority of the dresses you’ll be trying on are ivory, so you don’t want to see your underwear through the gown.
  • Think about the way you might like to wear your hair on the day and style it in that manner. This can help you achieve your overall look.
  • The boutique operates a shoe off policy where possible. We will provide slippers for you during your appointment. For those that can’t for whatever reason remove their shoes, overshoes will be supplied.
  • We charge a £20 consultation fee for your appointment. This gives you a two hour exclusivity to the store and our expertise. You will also be provided with refreshments.
  • We understand that childcare can be difficult and although children are welcome in your appointment, we would recommend that you try your best not to have any under 5s with you. Experience has shown that the little ones can make it very difficult for brides to concentrate. They don't seem to enjoy it much either so if you can find someone to look after them for the short two hours, it'll be to your advantage!
  • Please use the contact form if you have any other questions prior to booking.