Who Should I Take With Me Wedding Dress Shopping?

Who Should I Take With Me Wedding Dress Shopping?

Going Wedding Dress Shopping – Who To Take With You


Wedding dress shopping can be quite a daunting prospect, as finding your dream dress is never easy and once you’ve chosen, it’s not an easy decision to go back on; which means you need the right people around you to ensure you are being given honest opinions and advice. No matter what type or style of wedding dress you might have in mind, once you see the dresses and gowns and start trying them on, everything you thought you knew or wanted could easily go out of the window. But it’s not only about how you feel either, the opinions of others greatly influences the type of dress that brides pick.

Everyone wants to feel special on their big day and people can easily be drawn into trying to please everyone to ensure they are complimented on their big day. However, we can guarantee you, that no matter what dress you pick, it’s about how you look and feel in it. It’s your wedding day, you’re the centre of attention and people will fall in love with your dress, if they see you’re happy in it. Keep reading below to find out more about who you should take wedding dress shopping with you.



Who To Take Wedding Dress Shopping


As soon as you mention wedding dress shopping, everyone is going to want to come along. However, whilst bridal and wedding dress shops will happily accommodate the people with you, turning up with 40 people in tow, is an unrealistic prospect. It’s important to take people with you, who will give you honest feedback whilst still taking into account how you feel in the dress.



Friends (The Bridesmaid)


We say friends, but this will typically be the people who are going to be your bridesmaid. Your bridesmaid will typically be your support structure throughout the whole wedding, the ones you turn to when you’re having a bad day or a bit of a wobble. Friends usually give the most honest advice and feedback, they usually know you better and how you take to comments, so they’ll know exactly what to say and what not to say.





When it comes to weddings, families are a huge part of it and they are typically one of the most annoying parts of it as well. We guarantee if you have any arguments about the wedding, it will always be with family. Families always think they know best, especially when it comes to mum or dad, but your day is about you and not them. It’s always good to have some family members with you when choosing wedding dresses, and you should also be prepared for the mother of the groom also asking if they can come along.



The Wildcard


The wildcard will typically be the one person you know might shot out a random comment or those that might even be quite quiet. Whether it’s an auntie, a male friend or even a male family member. The wild card is the exact type of person you need with you when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. They are the type of person that will say it how it is and usually they will do this, regardless of how you feel or react. But, it might be the opinion that makes you choose the perfect dress or avoid one you’re in two minds about.



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