Why Are Lace Wedding Dresses So Popular?

Why Are Lace Wedding Dresses So Popular?

Should I Consider A Lace Wedding Dress?

In recent years, lace has become one of the most popular wedding dress options for brides. So what is it that makes lace wedding dresses so popular? And should you be considering one for your big day? From its elegance to traditional feel, there are many reasons why people opt for lace wedding dresses. No matter what size or shape of body you might have, lace offers a flattering appearance that is guaranteed to make every bride feel special when they are wearing it. Keep reading below to find out more about why so many brides are choosing lace wedding dresses and gowns.



Why Do Brides Choose Lace?


The Look of Lace

One of the reasons many brides opt for lace, is it offers a luxury appearance and that traditional bridal look. As a versatile material, it can feel beautiful and elegant or it can be fun and fancy free. The flowing material works around your body, extenuating everything from your curves to your chest. Lace is a material that is slimming, meaning it flatters any bride and if you have confidence issues about your body, then fear not, because lace will hide any lump or bump you might be uncomfortable with.


The Touch of Lace

Whether you opt for a whole lace dress or just lace detailing, lace adds a sophistication that will make you look and feel amazing. From how it feels in the hand to how it feels on your body, lace wedding dresses have a texture to them that other materials simply can’t compete with. Whether it’s white or ivory lace, the texture it feels helps to give your dress a depth and elegance that will make you look and feel special on your big day. We guarantee once you feel a lace dress in your hands, you won’t look back.


The Detail of Lace

It goes without saying that lace is a detailing in itself, from the way it’s spun to the intricate patterns and designs that can be created with it, the details in lace offer a depth that works with and around your body. As one of the most timeless wedding fabrics, lace has become one of the most popular options for detailing and when you use lace on your wedding dress or choose a lace gown, you’ll likely need very little extra detail.


The Theme of Lace

Lace isn’t just a material, it’s a theme in itself. Lace wedding dresses can help to set the tone of the day, from traditional white and ivory weddings to those with a more vintage or rustic theme, once you choose a lace dress you’ll likely find that lace will become a part of your wedding in more ways than one. From your table clothes to your invitations, there are many different ways in which you can include lace in your wedding day.


Choosing A Lace Wedding Dress

If you’re considering a lace wedding dress, then why not book an appointment with Hugo & Elliot Bridal. We have a wide range of lace wedding dresses available, from a number of the most sought after designers in the industry. With years of experience in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you find the perfect lace dress for your special day.


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