Wedding Etiquette – Buying The Dress

Wedding Etiquette – Buying The Dress

The wedding dress is one of the biggest parts of the wedding for any bride. Finding that dream dress and falling in love with it, is all part of what makes wedding and wedding planning so special. However, wedding dresses can be expensive and when you add up the costs of everything else, it’s easy to see why some people are left wondering, “who pays for the dress?”. Well, in this blog we aim to cover who traditionally paid for the wedding dresses and how wedding etiquette has changed over the years and how dresses are typically paid for now.



Who Pays For The Wedding Dress?


One of the most commonly asked questions about weddings is, “who pays for the wedding dress?”.

Well, traditional wedding etiquette says that the bride’s family pays for the wedding dress. If you think it’s great that you’re not paying for the wedding dress, then think again. If you’ve lived with your parents, you’ll know them better than anyone, which means you are going to get one side of the coin or the other. Some parents just want their daughter to have the perfect wedding dress, however others will be more stringent and will set a budget of how much you can spend. This means you might fall in love with a wedding dress that isn’t in your budget.

In recent years and with the current financial climate, more and more people are choosing to pay for their own weddings. Many people don’t want to put the financial stress on their parents, and would rather pay for everything themselves to ensure they get the dream wedding they’ve always wanted. This isn’t to say that your parents aren’t going to want to contribute in some way, it just means that you’re going to be paying for most of the wedding yourself.

However, it is important to remember in some cultures it is the groom’s side of the family that pays for the whole wedding including the wedding dress. So, to sum everything up, it falls down to each individual and their family as to who pays for what.



What About The Bridesmaids?


It’s not just wedding dresses you need to think about, you have your bridesmaids as well. As with the wedding dress, traditionally it was the bride’s family that paid out for them. But with more and more people choosing to pay for their own weddings, the responsibility of paying for wedding dresses has typically fallen to the bride or the couple themselves to pay for wedding dresses.

But once again times are changing and less and less brides aren’t wanting to stump up for their bridesmaids wedding dresses, most already pay for their hair and makeup to be done on the day. And many brides are now turning to the bridesmaids themselves to pay for their own bridesmaid dresses. Some might just give a colour and allow people to choose their own dresses. However, others will typically decide on a dress between them and ask the bridesmaids to purchase it for themselves.


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