The Perfect Dress For The Curvaceous Bride

The Perfect Dress For The Curvaceous Bride

You’ve set the date and now it’s time to find the perfect dress for you. Many brides have no issue shopping for dresses, but plus size brides can easily feel pushed out or like they aren’t being catered for, however that isn’t the case at Hugo & Elliot Bridal. People hear of horror stories of brides being made to feel unformatable or forced to lose weight to fit a particular dress, but that shouldn’t be the case. If you love yourself and your curves, then we love you too and we’ll help you find the perfect dress without feeling like you need to change just to fit into it.

At Hugo & Elliot Bridal, we embrace women and people of every body shape and size and we make it our mission to find the perfect dress for you. We work closely with our brides from start to finish and we already work with a number of designers that offer dresses in plus sizes. When we say dresses in plus sizes, that means they are the same dress just in a bigger size, there’s no difference or special lines that are only for plus size people. We aim to provide designer wedding dresses that cater for the curvy ladies without making them feel excluded or different to everyone else.

Below we’ll cover some of our top tips for picking a plus size wedding dress and hopefully it will help to put any nerves at ease about being a curvy bride. Whatever plus size wedding dress you choose, we guarantee you’ll feel magical when you put it on.



Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips


1. Be Open

Many brides feel like they should only fit into a certain dress or style and you shouldn’t feel like that. When shopping for a wedding dress you need to be open to any option, style or body shape because you could end up missing out on the dress you love by only thinking you should have a particular dress. Keeping an open mind means you could help you find the perfect wedding dress for you and don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t suit a dress, it’s all about what you feel the most comfortable in and what makes you feel special.



2. Ignore The Size Label

The label means nothing and it’s simply on the dress because it needs to be, it doesn’t matter whether a dress is 3 sizes smaller than you’re used to or 2 sizes bigger. It’s important to remember that all designers work to different sizing models and most boutique wedding dress designers adopt couture sizing which means most dresses are a size smaller than traditional high street names. We fully understand people don’t want to feel like they are buying a bigger dress, but honestly the sizing means nothing. Wedding dresses go through so many alterations that they are usually much different from the initial size you’ve chosen in the first place anyway. And if you are really bothered about the size, then once you’ve bought it cut the size label out. Our tip is to focus on the dress and the fit and not the size on the label.



3. Alterations

Like we’ve said above, the size means nothing because the dress will go through alterations to ensure it fits you perfectly. We fully understand no two people are the same size which means no one will fit the same in a dress, so whether it’s a tuck at the waist or an alteration to the breasts, we will ensure you’re wedding dress perfectly compliments your curvy body.



4. If It Fits Buy It

One of the most important things to remember is to buy the plus size wedding dress that fits you now. Don’t think about buying a smaller size and losing weight, because you could find yourself feeling disappointed if you still struggle to make it work. It’s important to remember you can’t lose weight in spot areas, so even if you buy a size smaller and lose weight it might not fit you perfectly anyway. Just be comfortable and love who you are now and buy the size that fits the best, the alteration process is there to help to ensure it fits you perfectly anyway.



5. Ask Us Before You Visit

Before you pay us a visit, ask what sizes we have in stock and let us know your current measurements. This way, we can ensure the best dresses to suit your body shape are offered and if you’ve already seen something you’ve fallen in love with, then let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to ensure we have your size in stock before you visit. We don’t want any bride feeling disheartened when they visit us.


By Duo Digital