Should I Get Married At Christmas?

Should I Get Married At Christmas?

Getting Married At Christmas

Getting married at Christmas can be an exciting prospect and movies, soaps and TV shows, certainly glamorise the prospect of a magical winter wedding. However, when it comes to planning your own winter wedding there are a number of things you need to consider from a logistical point of view, from who can actually attend and what the costs are. Christmas is already an expensive time for people and although everyone would probably love to attend your wedding, the trust question is, can people afford it. From buying new clothes to a gift for yourselves and even getting time off, it can be an expense some people might not want to burden especially at Christmas.

You also have to consider who you are competing with, from Christmas Parties to family meals, getting a venue or reception space can be difficult. But booking a Christmas wedding isn’t all that bad, from having the chance of snow to the beautiful photography that can be captured in winter time. There are lots of benefits to a Christmas wedding and because it’s not the peak season for weddings, it’s usually cheaper to book and purchase wedding related items as well. Whatever you do, just don’t get married on Christmas Day, it’s the least popular day for a wedding and no one wants to compete against Father Christmas.



What Your Need To Know About Getting Married At Christmas

When it comes to getting married at Christmas there are a number of things you need to consider, from what date you’ll choose to how many people will be attending. Although it’s your special day, you do need to think about how it will impact others, especially with it being so close to the festive season. Some of the main things to consider if you’re getting married at Christmas are:

  • How many guest will be attending
  • When the actual date will be, the earlier in December the better
  • Will people be able to get time off work with it being the festive period
  • What the weather will likely be like
  • Will you be able to book a venue to cater for both the day and night
  • How will the wedding impact your family and friends


Reasons To Get Married At Christmas

Although there are a lot of things to consider if you plan on getting married at Christmas, there are also a number of great benefits of getting married during the festive season. From the magical feeling of Christmas to the chance of getting snow on your big day, there are lots of benefits of a Christmas wedding. Some of the top reasons to get married at Christmas are:

  • Most people are in positive spirits around the Christmas period
  • It can be a great time for your family and friends to unwind and catch-up
  • There’s the chance of snow on your big day
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd with a winter wedding
  • Christmas is simply a magical time of year, which makes it perfect for weddings


Finding Your Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

If you are planning on tying the knot at Christmas, and are looking for a wedding dress, then be sure to book an appointment with Hugo & Elliot. We have a wide range of wedding dresses that are just perfect for a winter wedding, from magical Cinderella gowns to long sleeved dresses and much more. No matter what type of winter wedding dress you might be looking for, we’ll help you find the perfect dress.


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