Is A Long Sleeved Wedding Dress The Right Option?

Is A Long Sleeved Wedding Dress The Right Option?

Why Choose A Long Sleeved Wedding Dress?


Whether it’s Morticia Adams or Paris Hilton, a number of famous celebrities have opted for long sleeved wedding dresses and you might now be considering whether it’s the right option for you? Sleeves on wedding dresses can really add a touch of class and elegance to wedding dresses and help to elevate the look and feel of your dress and overall wedding. Whether it’s a summer or winter wedding, spring or autumn, long sleeved dresses can make a great addition to any wedding dress. As your wedding grows closer, you will need to decide what type of wedding dress you want and the sleeve length will also become a factor of this as well.

Reasons To Choose A Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

Long sleeved wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular, whether it’s for comfort or confidence, long sleeves offer a fantastic look. If it comes to you choosing your wedding dress, then there are a number of reasons why you should consider choosing a long sleeved wedding dress. Whether you’re wanting a modern or classic look, long sleeved wedding dresses will help to make you and your wedding feel extra special. Keep reading below to find out some of the top reasons people choose long sleeved wedding dresses.




One of the most undoubtable things about long sleeved wedding dresses is they are extremely stylish. The long sleeved gown dates all the way back to ancient times and to this day they still look timeless. In recent years many celebrities have opted for long sleeved wedding dresses with the likes of Paris Hilton, Hailey Bieber, Ciara, Kaley Cuoco and many more.



Many brides opt for long sleeved wedding dresses for their own confidence. Not everyone likes showing off their atms and people are easily self conscious about how they look. Long sleeved wedding dresses will help brides to feel more comfortable and confident on their special day, as they can hide parts of their body they might not be totally comfortable with. In some peoples’ heads, if there are no arms to be seen, then there are no wrong arms. At the end of the day, you need to choose a wedding dress you feel comfortable and confident in.



Long sleeved dresses are highly practical, people are used to wearing long sleeved clothes every day, and the wedding dress is no different. Short sleeved dresses can be quite difficult to move in and many will have tight cinches under the arms to keep them looking nice and in shape. Whereas long sleeved dresses offer a much more natural and comfortable shaping, meaning whether you want to boogie on the dance floor or toss that bouquet, you can do it with ease in a long sleeved dress.



One of the most simple reasons to choose a long sleeved wedding dress is warmth. If you’re planning a wedding for the autumn or winter, then a long sleeved dress is a great way to ensure you stay warm during the day, especially when it comes to outdoor photo shoots. Long sleeved dresses offer a stylish and versatile option that makes it great for cooler climates without compromising on style.


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