Choosing A Colour To Wear On Your Wedding Day

Choosing A Colour To Wear On Your Wedding Day

What Colour Should My Wedding Dress Be?

White, White, Wrong. Your dress doesn’t have to be and whilst it is tradition, or people think it’s tradition, many dresses haven’t been truly white for a long time. Most wedding dresses these days are already an off-white or ivory, so you might not even know it, but the dress you think is white not actually be white. But whilst they are only a few shades away from being white, does your wedding dress have to white? Or a shade of white? The simple answer is no. Wedding dresses these days come in a wide range of colours and whilst it isn’t tradition, some coloured dresses can look just as magical, if not more, than the traditional white wedding dress.

Believe it or not, it was only in the 19th century that wearing a white wedding dress became a tradition and the trend started with Queen Victoria. Once presence was set, everyone seemed to follow the trend the queen set and it’s mostly stuck since then. However, in recent years coloured wedding dresses have become more common with some brides opting for dresses in pastel colours or more bold tones such as black. No matter what colour of wedding dress you might be considering, the most important thing is to choose a dress that suits your style and one that makes you feel special when you put it on.



Is A White Wedding Dress Expected?

Whilst you might have it in your head that a white wedding dress is expected, the people in your head won’t care what colour the dress is. The people at your wedding are there because they want to be and they want to celebrate your happiness. So whether you walk down the aisle in a pink wedding dress, a grey wedding dress or something else, they’ll love you all the same. Picking a coloured wedding dress might actually be a good thing and it’s certainly a great way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd.



Do People Still Wear White?

Whilst white is still a popular colour, a lot of wedding dresses these days are actually ivory. The colour difference is so small that when all of the dresses are hung on the rack, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a white dress and an ivory dress. One of the reasons ivory has become more popular is it compliments a wide range of skin tones than an intense white shade and details also contrast much better on an ivory dress such as pearls or lace. Whilst Queen Victoria might have set the trend of wearing white, it doesn’t mean you have to follow and you never know the colour you choose, might start a new trend.


Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

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